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Tackle complex mathematical, scientific or engineering problems.

Ansys Solutions For Certainty

When breakthrough research is undertaken and visionary companies are formed, we support them to test how their ideas will perform.

Test and iterate prototype designs, reduce go-to-market expenditure, build with global industry standards. We are here to close the gap between design and reality with Ansys simulation solutions. See the future, innovate unlike any other.

ansys ev simusolu
ansys ev simusolu

Solutions for the Unsolvable

simusolu Brings
Ansys Startup Program To You

Without simulation, there are no autonomous vehicles. No 5G networks. No space exploration. Ansys multiphysics software solutions and digital mission engineering help companies innovate and validate like never before.





Smart Budget Allocations

Ansys gives engineers the power to see how their ideas will perform against millions of variables. Simulation-driven design involves using simulation early, often, and throughout the design cycle to make better informed decisions, explore more alternatives and verify performance.

Why simusolu

We are passionate about problem-solving, innovation, collaboration, and making a positive impact. With theoretical and practical understanding of R&D, lab-to-market acceleration, industrial production we make a difference.

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simosolu is a CADFEM partner, which has been Elite Channel Partner of Ansys since 1985

CADFEM is a pioneer in the application of numerical simulation in product development and a leading CAE provider, and supports Ansys users with all aspects of simulation.

Innovation Ecosystem

simusolu is part of Voltaics Alpha Pvt. Ltd. which is supported by robust innovation ecosystem. Voltaics Alpha is an incubatee company of Social Alpha.

Receives subject matter expert inputs from premiere research institutions.

Access to global network of knowledge in the domains of energy, biomed, materials, and computational fields.

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How can we help you?

Digital prototype - optimise and test digitally to reduce costs, save time.  

Ansys Simulation Software

CADFEM Ansys Extensions

Ansys Academic Software

Support and Consulting

Ansys Startup Program

Enabling startups to use the entire Ansys portfolio, at a lower cost.

Ansys startup program is designed to provide a variety of resources to help new businesses succeed. It provides access to technical and marketing support, educational resources, and industry-leading simulation and analysis software to help new businesses get off the ground quickly and efficiently.

Incubators and startups, please register your interest here.

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The latest from Ansys

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Ansys Startup Program

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Ansys Connect
Ansys Structural Mechanics

Ansys Discovery, Ansys Electromagnetics

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Supporting startups in the lab-to-market journey

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