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Simulation x Solutions 


Our Mission

We want to change the way innovators work to research, develop, test, manufacture and service products. Continuous end-to-end innovation using simulations will drive efficiency and breakthrough developments.

Digital promises to transform R&D productivity over the next
decade. What will it take to realize this potential?

We are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of breakthroughs in science and technology that will redefine society and the practice of innovation. Startups, innovators, researchers, and inventors are facing challenges in the lab-to-market journey. 

The future is here and we are ready!

Our Purpose

We accelerate R&D, support academicians, work with incubators, and founders of start-ups to provide simulation solutions, access to high performance computing, and software. The road to developing new products or undertaking new discoveries is paved with uncertainties.  We want to help bring certainty, reduce risks, and support to reach from TRL 1 to commercialisation. 


Our Story

simusolu is an initiative by the innovators for the innovators. The founders have worked on lab-to-market acceleration for over a decade. Realising that many researchers and start-up founders were building products which had failed to perform in lab or in pilot. Challenged with unavailability of right software tools and lack of training in simulation. The initiative in the form of simusolu is undertaken to fill the gap.  


Contact us

Drop us a line with any questions, project inquiries, training need or Ansys trial requests.

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